Airsoft Game Rules 2020

You should follow  An Airsoft gadget is an exactness donning gadget intended to securely move a plastic globule at velocities in the locale of 100 meters for every second. Airsoft rounds and gadgets are unequipped for creating the vitality required to cause hurt (puncture skin) and in that capacity is reasonable for player-to-player “labeling”. Airsoft is multiple times less amazing than paintball and in this manner not as effective when labeled.

Airsoft Game Rules

Security First

As Airsoft players and devotees ourselves, we comprehend the game of airsoft and intend to give a safe yet testing setting for both experienced and first time gamers. We hold keeping up the honesty and pleasure in the game of Airsoft, the security of its players and the overall population who come into contact with the site and game as our most extreme need. Any players not regarding the site’s standards will be expelled from the game and might be approached to leave the scene in outrageous conditions.

Airsoft is an incredible side interest or action for recreational players and non-aficionados. For your delight, we request that all players regard the scenes rules, listen cautiously to the Game Briefing and regard the Marshal’s choices truly and you will appreciate an activity stuffed day of adrenalin-fuelled fun in the outside.

Please, We likewise have duplicates accessible at gathering yet for players under 16 years old, this Waiver must be marked by the parent of each tyke partaking on their first visit. The minimum age allowed to play airsoft at Redhills is 12 years old.


ALL Airsoft RIFs: 328fps. All gear will be chronographed with site magazine and 0.2gm bb with jump ups completely off toward the beginning of an occasion and are liable to irregular Chrono testing whenever for the duration of the day. We hold the privilege NOT to permit the utilization of any RIF over as far as possible. A few territories of the game zone are single-shot just along these lines weapons that are unequipped for shooting on single shot won’t be permitted to be discharged in those zones. For typical days, except if publicized something else, there are no ammunition limits. Any inquiries with respect to FPS please get in touch with us straightforwardly.

HPA clients will be chrono’ed with their BB of decision and once under 1 Joule it will be allowed for use and the valve bolted with a link tie. You will be approached to leave your valve key with the Marshal in charge of Chronographing.

Security Rules

Goggles should totally cover the eyes, for example, no holes to the front or side

Full Face Protection (Eye and Mouth) must be worn consistently except if in assigned Safe Zone territories – This is an Insurance necessity – no exemptions. It is prescribed you wear the base of eye security consistently. On the off chance that your goggles mist up, come back to a safe zone, don’t evacuate while in the live game zone

Satisfactory Lower Face Protection – Mesh (Full or Half), Scarves, Neoprene, Gum Shields

On the off chance that under 18 hard lower assurance is required just like the above eye security.

Lower leg Boots are suggested

You should enlist before you rigging up and get your PIN (Player Identification Number) for gaming and Chronographing

Least age is 12. Youthful firearm players as long as 16 years old (for example between 12-15 years ) must be joined by a grown-up watchman and a waiver marked for their benefit. It is at the watchfulness of the administration whether a tyke (12-15) will be allowed to play alone without a watchman on their first visit. If it’s not too much trouble enquire if uncertain at the time of booking

Expel Magazines and release your RIF before entering the Safe Zone

Guns may stay with magazines in the event that they are holstered and on safe

203 Launchers, explosives of any sort and other such gadgets must be justify outside the Safe Zone if not released in-game. They should not be charged in the Safe Zone

Players must show group distinguishing proof band and player number consistently

On the off chance that you are mentioned to distinguish your group shading by another player, you don’t need to answer however in the event that you do you should not lie about your group shading

Individual things are your duty and are justify at possess chance. On the off chance that you discover hardware or parts, embellishments and so forth in the game field, hand them into a Marshal for the Lost and Found Box

Maintain a strategic distance from denim or brilliant hues if conceivable if not wearing camo or leasing a uniform.

No climbing, hopping or moving entryways, windows, props or obstructions. Remain in limits, for example, regard blue rope/taped limits, fenced or incompletely fenced zones. Try not to move over the spread, storing, out of channels, over sandbags and so on,

Forceful or physical conduct towards Marshals, staff or different players won’t go on without serious consequences and will bring about prompt removal from the site without discount

The Marshals choices are conclusive and are to be regarded consistently

No man’s land Rules

  • Ensure your copy is cleared of BBs before you enter the Deadzone
  • No magazines in you copy
  • Your copy must have a barrel sock on.
  • Try not to point your copy at anybody.
  • You should be in the tent when limit, if not you should hold up until next round
  • Keep your territory composed and clean
  • Secure your hardware
  • No running or clowning around
  • No tossing BBs
  • Wear your veil when entering the field
  • Tune in to all front line officials
  • Inability to react or comply with the guidelines can get you suspended as well as restricted from the combat zone
  • Have a ton of fun and be a decent game



This is anything but a game for the timid. You should follow all the airsoft game rules if you want to be a legend in this sector. 

On the off chance that you have attempted paintball and adored it or you truly love first-individual shooter games, at that point, this is most likely going to be the best understanding of your life.

The SS Airsoft Indoor Battlezone is a spot to rehearse battle scenes, pick your preferred weapons and appreciate the REAL DEAL. Look at our airsoft games for a thought of the assortment you can anticipate.

For amateurs, we require since a long time ago sleeved dress and full-length pants. Wear garments you wouldn’t fret getting grimy or scraping up. Wear solid shoes – boots or running shoes are incredible as this is a functioning game.

When you experience passionate feelings for Airsoft, as we probably are aware you will look at our retail location for your very own adapted apparatus.

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