Top 10 Best Airsoft M4 Rifle of 2020


If you’ve served in the military, or are just interested in military history, then you’ve likely heard of the M4. In the U.S. military, the m4 is a very popular rifle. The popularity has also speared in the airsoft world as well.

If you are searching for the best Airsoft M4 but you don’t know where to find? This full guideline for airsoft M4 guns includes all necessary equipment you look for, besides that it has a full review of best m4 airsoft guns. We have chosen those M4 airsoft guns which have the most exceptional and best features.

Let’s take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the M4 airsoft gun:

The History of the M4 Airsoft Rifle

The M4 is a copy of the M16 assault rifle. It is lighter in weight and shorter in size than the M16. Used throughout all branches of the United States Armed Forces, the M4 is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed carbine. The barrel is 14.5 inches and the rifle has a telescoping stock.

Many airsoft enthusiasts prefer an airsoft M4. After all, most military personnel are already familiar with the M4. They feel very comfortable when they operate the airsoft version of M4.

The M4 is such a rifle which could be used in any purpose of weapons. You can find rifles which shoot greater distances. You can find rifles which have larger magazines. You can find rifles which are more lightweight. The M4 combines portability, magazine size, distance, and other features.

The M4 isn’t necessarily the best at any one thing, but the blending of many useful features creates a rifle where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The M4 airsoft rifle is the same way. The rifle is popular precisely because it performs well in a huge variety of different situations and conditions.

Different Types of M4 Airsoft Rifles

Not all airsoft rifles are the same. There are three different classifications. The distinctions are based on how the rifle is powered.

Spring-powered airsoft rifles need a manual force before every shot is fired. These rifles generally have relatively low velocity. Plus, you won’t be able to get a particularly high rate of fire because the rifle needs to be cocked before each shot.

Rifles which are mechanized by a tube are Gas mechanized which inserted into the rifle, most of the times in any place of the handle. Gas-powered rifles can use either propane, C02 or Green Gas (which is a combination of propane and silicone).

Spring-mechanized rifles are less powerful than a Gas mechanized rifle. But there are drawbacks. Gas cartridges can be expensive. You’ll likely go through two or three in a full day of shooting. Gas tubes, exclusively for most facilitated rifles, are ordinarily found at airsoft professional stores.

Electric guns are often the strongest guns. They also usually have the highest rate of fire. These airsoft guns are powered by batteries. Those batteries could be either legitimate ones like you’d find in every sort of shops or different battery bundles.

Spring-mechanized rifles are normally the low price and less forceful. They also have a relatively slow rate of fire. You can get spring-mechanized airsoft rifles in different sporting equipment and toy shops. This type of gun is generally a better preferred for beginner shooters and for those who don’t have enough practice with airsoft rifles.

Gas and electric guns are more powerful. In many cases, these guns will have a high rate of fire. Some guns are either semi or fully automatic. Electric rifles are specially chosen by those people who play competing airsoft games.

M4 Airsoft Rifle is mostly used for:

So, what do people use these guns for? There are three common categories:

Recreational competition

Wildlife control


Let’s take a deeper look at each one:

Recreational Competition

People get together to play games with their M4 airsoft rifles. This is similar to paintball. The focus variation is that airsoft rifles fire round, plastic bullets. These plastic BB’s will certainly sting. But as long as you’re wearing proper safety gear there’s a very minimal risk for injury.

Airsoft competitions are team-based. The most common game is Team Deathmatch. This is just a name, of course. Nobody’s life is actually on the line. In TDM, participants have a fixed amount of bullets they can take. The winning team is the one with the last person justify “alive.”

Besides these “last man standing” team games, other games include Capture the Flag, Free-for-all (no teams) and Dominion (where teams have to hold a certain point). There are different types of airsoft plays there to pick.

Overall airsoft participants are enjoyable folk When the game can definitely be competing. You’ll likely make some new friends. Plus, these matches are great exercise and also a great excuse to spend some time outdoors.

In different to paintball, where bullets leave a detectable spot, airsoft Combat relies mainly on the faith rule. Even with defensive equipment, getting hit with an airsoft bullet will still hurt. Having a non-reaction to being shot is pretty much impossible, which also helps keep players honest on the field.

Airsoft battles can take place indoors and out. Outdoors is probably the most popular setting. People play in woodlands, swamps, snow-covered areas and basically anywhere else.

Team members usually each have a specialized role. You could be a sniper, scout, etc. Every participant will normally carry a basic gun (Example: M4 Rifle), a secondary arm and a two-way radio. As an addition, you’ll be shielded head-to-toe in defensive equipment including:

Lightweight body armor

Elbow and knee pads

A mask or face cloth

Military-style boots

Goggles or safety glasses

Protect your eyes! Eye wounds are the main type of airsoft-relevant wound. There is a phrase “Kid! You will fire at your own eye!” has become a bit of a joke, these injuries are actually a very real possibility. So use protective glasses each time you participate in an Airsoft combat.

Wildlife Control

Whether you live in the inner city or way out in the middle of nowhere, you’ll likely have to deal with unwanted wildlife at some point. These could be rats or raccoons rummaging through your garbage cans or coyotes and mountain lions threatening your livestock.

Relying on the range of the rifle and the category of the beast you’re firing at, airsoft bullets could be both Non- lethal or lethal. A non-lethal solution is obviously more humane, plus you don’t have to worry about body disposal. Plus, you can fire an airsoft gun in a city or suburb without attracting much attention from your neighbors.

Another time, you may want a powerful rifle for shooting small animals. You’ll want to check your local laws to make sure this allowed. Make sure you don’t fire at any neighborhood animals.

Firearm Training

Airsoft rifles can only be purchased by those over the age of 18. But they can legally be used by anyone. This is because they’re not legally classified as firearms.

Many people use airsoft guns as a way to help teens and pre-teens learn about gun safety. Many airsoft rifles have a businesslike view and feel. At the same time, an accident involving an airsoft rifle is unlikely to turn into a catastrophe.

Same as a real gun, upkeep is essential to ensure accurate service. Students can learn the basics of how a gun works.

What Features should Best Airsoft M4 Have

Not all M4 airsoft guns are alike. When shopping, here’s what you want to consider:


– How fast is the BB propelled through the barrel? A high velocity gives you greater accuracy. Note that higher velocities are also more powerful. Maximum powerful rifles are either electric or gas mechanized.


– Some rifles have rails which you can use to attach scopes, flashlights, laser sights, and other accessories. If you’re actually sincere about airsoft match, you would like to add different features to your guns in the future.

Power type

– If you’re going to play competitively, you’ll likely want an electric powered rifle. This will give you the highest rate of fire. If you’re just going to shoot at targets in your backyard, a spring-powered rifle will be your best bet.


– Many persons desire an M4 gun which would be an accurate duplicate of the real one. This includes not only the look of the rifle but also the feel when firing. Rifles which are powered by CO2 will mainly give the accurate realistic feel while firing.

Best Airsoft M4 Rifle Reviews:

1. Tippmann arms m4 Airsoft Rifle

The Tippmann Arms M4 Airsoft weapon accompanies a fully-automatic gas controlled airsoft firearm. This weapon doesn’t need any battery.

The weapon gives you to have a good encounter and surprise you with a few mind-boggling highlights. Its top is flip-able, a separate framework is like a genuine weapon.


The gas can be utilized in various ways.

By CO2 cartridges or by remote line connector.

The frame rate can be balanced from Eight RPS to Fifteen RPS.

Additionally, the speed could be balanced from 300 FPS to 400 FPS.

No battery required.

Low upkeep – no rigging box.


Simple to utilize.

Simple to keep up.

The retaliation is particularly gorgeous.

CO₂ Paintball, CO₂ cases or HPA tanks could be used in the arm either with or without a distant line.

Amazingly great feel.


Somewhat pricy, that is the reason it may not moderate to everybody.

The bounce up can be conflicting in some uncommon cases.

2. CQB Delicate Air COLT M4

The Full Metal Colt M4 Airsoft Rifle is the M4 transformation of very remarkable brand ‘Yearling’ and it is likewise authorized with COLT. It is a higher line unbelievable Airsoft M4 gun which is operated by Battery. (Battery and charger included)

As the rifle is metal made, it is astounding in weight though gives a misleading background while playing with it. This piece has a back iron view that you can modify or remove unforeseen upon your decision.


Authoritatively Licensed and trademarked by Colt M4 CQB AEG

One piece metal external barrel with upper and lower collector

Steel Gears

Metal gearbox

CNC machined R.I.S. Hand protect

Metal 350 round magazine

Removable metal back sight

Movable 6 situated crane stock

Controlled by Battery, 1100mAh 8.4 volt battery-powered charger and battery included


No additional clamors

Simple support

Incredibly exact

Effectively upgradeable and simple to discover new parts

Genuine look and weight of an M4


Most likely you should utilize a 9.6v or even 11.1v battery.

The orange tip is colossal to get you spotted. Its prescribe to paint it dim

By and large, the weapon can be taken in any airsoft front line. In the event that you are normal to the airsoft game and searching for an extraordinary quality CQB firearm at a medium value, at that point I would prescribe this one to you

3. DBoys full metal M4 s-framework RIS AEG Rifle

This AEG rifle has some top of the line includes inside a sensible sticker price. Full metal body, including the whole front and top rail framework. Movable stock is made of solid ABS plastic. A vertical fore hold is appended to the base rail on the RIS. Including optics is simpler as the back sight is a flip up sight. By and large, incredible esteem whether you’re a beginner or a specialist.


300 Round High Capacity Magazine

Full Metal Body,

RIS and V2 Gearbox

Safe/Semi/Full Auto Modes

Battery and Charger included


Conservative plan.


Tolerable barrel length.

Can be adjusted effectively.

Rail boards are removable.


Metal made a body.


It doesn’t contain any trademark.

Hand monitor is made of amalgam.

DBoys Metal RIS M4 Airsoft AEG is a decent decision for the individuals who are searching for a decent M4 airsoft weapon inside a reasonable spending range.

4. G&G Airsoft battle machine m4 plunderer superior full metal gearbox aeg rifle

The G&G Airsoft M4 AEG Combat Machine Raider CQB RIS is a reproduction of Combat Machines. All the real parts, for example, front rail, the load of the weapon are made of great plastic and the minor and complex parts like the stocks pipe, the strategic sling connection focuses, the magazine packaging is made of metal.

Low value, smaller structure, and gentility in weight made it the best quality M4 airsoft firearm.


Electric fueled firearm.

Beneficiaries are made of ABS plastic.

Two terminating modes: Semi-programmed and full-programmed.

Flames at 320-350 FPS with 0.20g BBs.

Full metal gearbox.

Flexible jump up to the framework.

Internal barrel length is 230mm.


The stock is movable.

Contains an ergonomic engine hold.

High limit magazine (450 rounds).

Incredibly lightweight airsoft firearm.

High exactness level.

Truly reasonable cost.


Comes up short on a rail framework.

Doesn’t demonstrate greatness in the long range.

Presumably, G&G Airsoft M4 AEG Combat Machine Raider CQB RIS is the best M4 airsoft firearm inside its value go thinking about execution and toughness. It’ll be an astute decision for players who are searching for a decent top of the line airsoft weapon at a low cost.

5. Delicate Air Firepower M4 A1 electric airsoft rifle

For section level airsoft players, the Firepower F4-D M4 is a prominent weapon with some great highlights. There’s a RIS framework with 4 rails on it which enables you to adjust or include a few frills, for example, lights, lasers, and Foregrip. Presently, the thing is, every one of these adornments is incorporated into the bundle.


The airsoft weapon works in full auto mode.

Shoots at a speed of 200 FPS with 0.12g BBs.

Incorporates a strategic electric lamp with the weapon.

Incorporates a laser pointing module.

Agreeable forward grasp.

The weapon holds just about 500 BBs without a moment’s delay.


Great quality materials.

Apprentice benevolent weapon.

Pleasantly planned.

Amazingly low cost.


The weapon isn’t profoundly durable if not kept up appropriately.

As this is an M4 weapon for tenderfoots, this can likewise be a decent decision for the training session of the master level players. You can alter it with the materials you like. In the event that you are searching for an airsoft M4 firearm at a very low value, GRAB THIS!

6. BBTac M83 Full and Semi Automatic M4 Electric Airsoft Gun

Here’s an M83 that is an M4/M16 copy airsoft rifle from BBTac. It’s a lightweight weapon amassed out of solid ABS plastic. This makes it easy to bear and move. There’s an adaptable LE stock notwithstanding removable barrel augmentations to change it to some CQB structure airsoft rifle. It comes stuffed with adornments like an electric lamp, foregrip, separable convey handle and red spotlight extension. There’s a flexible jump up, has self-loader, full-auto, and security settings. It fires in approximately 250 FPS with 0.12gram 6mm BBs. When all is said in done, this rifle is amazing for terrace wars or target rehearsing. It’s an extraordinary choice for tenderfoots to have a feeling of airsoft, yet don’t wish to put several bucks first and foremost.


Copy M4/M16 airsoft Gun

Full size or expel barrel expansion for CQB

Light-weight airsoft Rifle

Removable convey handle and adaptable LE stock

Has self-loader, full auto, and security highlights

Adaptable bounce up and shoots around 250 FPS utilizing 0.12g 6mm BBs. 200 FPS with 0.20gram BBs


Bounce up framework functions admirably

Long battery life and not depleted when you are not utilizing it.

Shoots well for CBQ


Plastic gearbox

This is a fledglings firearm, you can’t anticipate that this should take to a focused field

The electric lamp might be not so extraordinary

You May Also Find Interest in Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles


This is a section level M4, with ABS body and bunches of adornments (because of the 4 accessible rails). It is lightweight and tough, and the retractable stock makes it simple to acclimate to your needs. In general, the perspective is great, and I think the rifle fits the two novices and propelled players.

Primary Features:

Fire wellbeing, semi, and auto fire modes

200 FPS gag speed

Strategic forward hold and retractable stock

Up to 500 rounds magazine



Great body

Extraordinary for amateurs

Heaps of adornments

Incredibly reasonable



Not truly tough


Fundamental Features:

Full metal body

RIS framework for embellishments

Completely metallic internals

Rendition 2 Gearbox (upgradeable)

High-Torque Motor

Perfect with a few sorts of batteries


 The M4 rendition from Cybergun (authorized with COLT markings) is a top of the line plan that supports a 300 BBs high-top magazine and a multi-position crane stock (which likewise houses the battery). Because of the metallic parts, the rifle is substantial, feels astounding in your grasp, and actualizes a strong structure.

I likewise like that the back iron sight can be balanced or expelled (as indicated by your needs). By and large, this M4 is an AEG I couldn’t want anything more than to continue any field.

Primary Features:

Full metal body

RIS framework for extras

Completely metallic internals

Adaptation 2 Gearbox (upgradeable)

High-Torque Motor

Good with a few kinds of batteries


Full metallic development

Metallic RIS framework

Sensible weight and feel

Minimal plan

Ground-breaking and precise

The gearbox is effectively upgradeable



Somewhat overwhelming for amateurs

Can be somewhat expensive


In case you’re searching for something somewhat jazzier for your next game this AEG will work. It’s on the whole metallic (aside from the upper and lower recipient), it has a sound weight, and the 8.4v 1100 mAh battery is quite great.

The customizable bounce up is a pleasant touch for precision and the flip-in advance and back sights are helpful on the off chance that you don’t have an extension.

Primary Features:

Customizable Hop-up

250 rounds hello there top metal magazine

A lot of room for extras

420 FPS gag speed

Metallic body and internals



Retractable stock

S-System handguard for simple holding

Fully metallic

Semi/Full-Auto and Safe Fire modes

The battery is anything but difficult to get to



Somewhat out of equalization (heavier on the front side)

It might be unreasonably amazing for certain fields

10. Demolition Ranch UDR-15 AR15

This is an uncommon version rifle that needs to duplicate the genuine steel Demolition Ranch AR-15 firearm. Outfitted with Silver Edge gearbox and metallic internals that move easily, the UDR-15 is an incredible plan that brings a touch of blowback (electric) in your life.

The explanation I chose this rifle is its high similarity with proficient brands, for example, Tokyo Marui.

Fundamental Features:

CNC completed aluminum composite for the recipient and handguard

Full-length top rail framework

380 FPS gag speed

Brisk spring change framework

Able to use both hands fire controls


An imitation of a genuine rifle

The gearbox can be set to fill in as a Version 2

The internals are perfect with Version 2 gearbox

450rd Hi-Capacity magazine

Long Type, high torque execution engine



Costly for a normal airsoft player

For the most part prescribed to cutting edge airsofters


While purchasing an airsoft M4 rifle, you might require a gun which is very good in the element and gives you a feeling like the original thing. The replica colt looks the same as the original M4, power, weight, and accuracy. Combination of steel and metal, these rifles will not break even after continuous use in bitter outside circumstances.

The DBoys and G&G is a stable, forceful airsoft gun but as the Colt’s combination, the plastic ABS isn’t like that much powerful.

The BBTac M4 RIS has a great number of equipments and is an all-around good choice for them who are new to airsoft guns. If you’re just entering the sport, there’s a lot to like about this rifle.

However, if you’re searching for a forceful, actual duplicate gun that will be long lasting with regular massive use, the Colt M4 we would recommend.

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