Top 5 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle on The Market

Are guns lethal or non-lethal? Most would choose lethal as the most viable option. In this article, we would discuss the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market. On this topic, weapon critics have a very different opinion. In the world of competitive sports and recreational games, airsoft guns have made a very positive and lasting impact. Now generally the question arises what are airsoft guns and how are they non-lethal? To answer this query and provide the people with detailed insight into this category is our ultimate goal. Airsoft guns are very similar to air guns. They are usually made of plastic or bio-degradable materials and very lightweight in nature. Airsoft guns have very low penetration power than a regular gun. The reason behind this is airsoft guns have very low muzzle powers and the projectile’s impact is less powerful if a protective kit is used on the target. Airsoft guns use pellets or rubbers that have very low penetration power and are non-lethal. While we are at the competitive market there are very few authentic manufacturers. The market is very small and you will hear some similar names and about their collaborative work to present to the world real weapons minus the lethality. These weapons are mainly used for competitive sports and recreational purpose which gives us the real weapon’s experience and inflict non-lethal damage. There are 3 types of airsoft guns-

  1. Spring coiled airsoft guns
  2. Battery Powered airsoft guns
  3. Gas power airsoft guns

Spring powered airsoft guns are the most common and widely used guns. These are the user because the springs take time to load the pellet and have a manual action for reloading just like cocking a shotgun or a magnum pistol. We can also say that it’s mostly used in sniper rifles to give it the unique aura of a real bolt action gun. So they are mostly used during training phases which helps to not misfire the weapon and reduces the chance of accidental injury. It also can provide a high rate of accuracy when the rifle is in the hands of a marksman.

Battery power airsoft guns are more widely used by professionals and in competitive sports. This is because the battery powers a motor which helps with the recoil of the spring. The motor reduces manual action and takes less time to fire the weapon. This technology is mostly used for assault rifles and side arms. The mechanism helps in the use of the automatic mode and semi-automatic mode of the rifle. But it is an unreliable weapon in an outdoor environment. The reason for its imperfect reliability is that if outside elements enter the gearbox might cause the gun to jam and have impacts on its longevity.

Gas powered airsoft guns are also commonly known as GBB guns. It is a more upgraded version of the battery-powered airsoft guns where the spring piston mechanism is more dependent on the hydraulic gas is known as green gas. The flaw in these airsoft guns is they malfunction in extreme weather conditions which might leave the user in a bit of a mess. This new technology makes the gun more professional and helps in the user experience.

Our job is not just to provide airsoft gun reviews but to provide you with the right information that helps you to choose the weapon that is most compatible. When the weapon is compatible with the user then the performance increases ten-fold. When there’s an increase in performance it gives you a certain edge over the opponent. It’s not just the gun that you would require in the arena. The safety of the user is also a priority of the sport. For these, the industry has developed Kevlar (body armor) and helmets. The also provide upgrade equipment for the weapon of choice such as scopes, handrails, hand grips, triggers, shoulder slings and so on the lists goes on and on. These customizable items are equally necessary as the weapon to enhance performance through efficiency.

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Today the subject of our review is Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR. Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPRAirsoft Gun Rifle is manufactured by Lancer Tactical. The specialty of Lancer Tactical is airsoft guns and tactical gears for airsoft sports. While choosing a weapon a few factors need to be taken into consideration such as physique, stamina and the environment.

EvikeCheyTac M200:

EvikeCheyTac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle is the only airsoft sniper rifle that is a carbon copy of the US military issued a .408 caliber sniper rifle. The EvikeCheyTac M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle is constructed of metal alloy and injection molded polymer. The gun being big is not easy to carry around for long distances. Due to its extraordinary size, it needs to be assembled on the spot. The bipods are easily adjustable in line with the barrel to give you more accuracy. The gun is accurate due to its flooder barrel system and PGKS custom muzzle break. The bolt on the gun is very realistic and moves with every shot showing of its exceptional grooved barrel. The extendable stock of the gun gives you the support to keep it steady.

LENGTH: 1240mm-1390mm, AdjustableOPERATION – Bolt Action
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 100 Rounds, Full MetalTARGET SIGHT: Customizable

The packaging contains just the gun and magazine. TheEvikeCheyTac M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle is a little above the average price range of the general sniper rifles. The price of the gun is not very important because if you buy it you should be prepared to spend more on the accessory upgrade of the rifle. Without the accessories, the EvikeCheyTac M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle is just another high powered rifle which is heavy and not very useful in the arena. Folks for the ultimate experience you need a collection of the unique collectibles offered for the sniper rifle.

Guns reviews might be boring but when you need to buy an airsoft rifle you definitely need to do your homework into the segment. The sniper rifle segment of the airsoft industry is smaller than the side-arms and assault rifles segment. The gun that you are about to buy needs personal touch with your personality.

Evike – CYMA Advanced M24:

The Evike Manufacturing group proud to bring to the market the mighty Evike – CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle which is modeled after the M24 sniper rifle used by the US army scout snipers. The gun boasts of a .702A caliber. The rifle is composed of a highly textured polymer nylon fiber and a single piece aluminum barrel. It also has a metal bolt and trigger assembly. The bolt action is guided by a plastic spring whose durability is questionable, also with an adjustable hop. This bolt actioned spring power rifle has a high range and penetration power. It is easily customizable as it comes with integrated railed scope support and spring loaded magazine.

Evike – CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle is a compatible heavy outdoor sniper rifle. The price tag on the Evike – CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle is very reasonable and an ideal choice for the airsoft gun users.

Dimensions: 1080mm x 130mm / 44.25″ longBarrel Length: 520mm
Muzzle Velocity: 390-450 FPSRange: 80-190 feet
System: APSMagazine Capacity: 22-25 Rounds

The price range on the Evike – CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle is not that high and has been kept at a reasonable range. The thing that is more important while purchasing a sniper rifle is the camouflage and overalls, the accessories such as the shoulder guard, scope, silencers, and tripods. These accessories don’t come with the bike – CYMA Advanced M24 Military Airsoft Bolt Action US Army Scout Sniper Rifle and needs to be purchased along with the rifle to get the perfect user experience.

PDI Custom S&T USMC M40A3:

PDI Custom S&T USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is created in a joint collaboration of S&T and PDI Japan. This sniper rifle gives you a realistic experience of the USMC M40A3 Sniper rifle. The purpose of the S&T USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is to provide performance and value.

PDI Custom S&T USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle has a nylon polymer body stock. The externals of the rifle are full metal and the internals are made. The trigger mechanism is 90 degrees giving it the smooth user experience. The trigger mechanism is also made of steel. The PDI Custom S&T USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is spring powered and suitable for a rough and harsh external environment. The railed segment of the gun is custom made for different types of scope. The stock pads of the PDI Custom S&T USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle are adjustable so is the cheek riser. The functioning safety of the gun is located at the back of the spring powered bolt and a suitable ambidextrous weapon.

Length: 1130mmBarrel Length: 455mm
Muzzle Velocity: 500FPSRange: 80-190 feet
System: PDI type High Power Spring SystemMagazine Capacity: 30rds
Weight: 3234g

PDI Custom S&T USMC M40A3 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a weapon of destruction in the right hand. This is not an ideal weapon for amateurs. The price range on the gun is suitable than any other guns in the market. It is an ideal weapon for battling and leisure sports and training.

Lancer Tactical SPR:

Lancer tactical Interceptor SPR is an assault rifle which gives you an automatic and semi-automatic user response. Now coming to the point we need to understand that the internal of a gun is more important the external. The Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR internally is molded of metal with the AEG near the shoulder pad and the external is made out of a sturdy polymer. The use of the polymer has made the gun lightweight and useful during fast-paced combat. Now coming to the external the top rail extends to the tip of the muzzle making it a beautiful sight on hand. The hand guard is sleek and suitable for gloved grip as it is designed for free flow texture. The design also provides ambidextrous controls on the gun to enhance user preference and experience.

We cannot woo a gun lover with just beauty talk. So moving on the credible features of the Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR.

LENGTH: 32.25″ – 35.5″Operation – Automatic Electric
WEIGHT: 4.3 LBSFree flow and sleek Handguard suitable for gloved fingers
INNER BARREL: 6.04 MMHop-up adjustable and customizable target sights
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 300 RDSAmbidextrous adapter sling mount
MUZZLE VELOCITY: 400-410 FPSPOWER: 8.4v1200mah Batteries

With these features, we can come to the conclusion that the Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR is an airsoft gun that’s preferable from beginners to professionals. The price range on the gun is affordable and with a little extra can be customized to the user preference. All in all, this is a gun that provides quality and preference.

Evik Manufacturing Group EMG:

EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) in collaboration with F-1 Firearms has brought to the market Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle. EMG is a leading name in the weapons industry with contracts from law enforcement and military. F-1 firearms in the other hand specialize in skeletal frame airsoft guns.

Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 Airsoft AEG Rifle is a full metal skeletal body rifle which has the licensed dragon slay muzzle. The gun is designed in an aluminum alloy barrel proving to be super light-weight than any other assault rifle in the market. The handguard for the gun provides contouring which helps in a flexible grip. The silver-edged gearbox of the gun is powered by AEG technology. The battery for the gearbox is placed in the shoulder rest providing ample space for extended battery life. The rear part is detachable and can be modified to user preference.

The user review for the Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle is excellent. Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 Airsoft AEG Rifle is available in a variety of colors. The user interface of the gun in ambidextrous giving it a very unique style. The realistic bolt action on the gun works on every mode without hindering the performance. The straight trigger system for the bike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 provides a smooth shooting experience.

LENGTH: 870mm – 960mmOPERATION – Automatic Electric
WEIGHT: 5.75 lbsHAND GRIP: Contoured
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 400 RDS M4/M16 CustomizableTARGET SIGHT: Hop-up adjustable and customizable
MUZZLE VELOCITY: 390-400 FPSPOWER: 7.4v Buffer Type lipo batteries
THREAD DIRECTION: 14mm NegGEARBOX: Version 2 Full Metal, EMG Special Edition QD Spring Change Silver-Edge Gearbox

Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 is one of the most sophisticated assault rifles on the market with a very reasonable price module placed on it. The Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 is a symbol of class design and lethality when in the right hands. By right hands, we don’t mean any professional hands we rather emphasize on enthusiasts who actually would prefer to acquire and use the weapon to its fullest extent. Evike EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G AR15 is one of a class and is a collector’s item.

This review is about a different segment of the Evike gun company. The topic of discussion is EvikeCheyTac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle. This sniper rifle is one of a kind and needs no introduction in the airsoft circles.